Natural Rattan Pendant Lamp - Staff Pick of the Week

Natural Rattan Pendant Lamp - Staff Pick of the Week

Natural Rattan Lamp Pendant Light New Chinese Style Hand-Woven Pendant Light for Living Room Hanging Luminaire Dining Room Light


Here, at Scout + Sage our goal is to help everyone find their own unique and personal style. One of our staffs favorite picks this week, is the natural rattan pendant lamp. Read on to see what our staff thinks about this gorgeous rattan pedant lamp! Click here to buy yours today!


If you are looking for something that not only brightens your space but also lifts the overall decor, this Natural Rattan Pendant Lamp is perfect. As the name suggests, it is hand crafted from pure and eco-friendly rattan, so you don't have to worry about its maintenance. The item is also super lightweight, and durable! This lamp fits in with any décor, it blends in with boho, modern, farmhouse, and eclectic styles. I love the natural elements it brings into my home with it’s soft earth tones and natural rattan!

No stains or water will damage the outlook of the lamp because it is stain and water-resistant. The wicker style makes this lamp durable and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. Whether you fix it in your lounge or hang it outside, there will be no decolorization as the material is non-corrosive and UV protected. Honestly, its durability alone is enough reason to purchase this gorgeous rattan pendant lamp! It is long -lasting and you certainly will get your moneys worth with this gorgeous rattan lamp.


What makes it stand out amongst other typical lamps is the fact that it supports high voltage LED bulbs. So, the overall lifespan of this lamp increases up to 100000 hours compared to a lamp that uses average incandescent bulbs. 

You'll also see a noticeable reduction in your overall energy bills after using this magnificent rattan lamp. Besides energy efficiency and bright light, this great LED lamp is eco-friendly. It is explicitly designed to take care of the environment while providing adequate light. This factor makes it a must-have product. 

The cord pendant installation style enables you to hang this beautiful lamp without any hassle. You can easily adjust the height of the lamp by adjusting the cord accordingly.

Personally, I have this lamp in my dining room, but seriously would consider putting it in any room of my home. This lamp automatically looks gorgeous in living spaces, bedrooms, dining spaces, and lounges. With its lovely beige color, this Chinese-style lamp perfectly blends with the surroundings. 

It doesn't matter where you place it; people will always notice this gorgeous rattan pendant lamp!   

This sturdy Chinese-style lamp is available in different shapes and sizes. You can pick the one that suits your space the best. If you are a fan of working in bright light, you'll find this Natural Rattan Lamp Pendant your ultimate go. 

The Natural Rattan Lamp package comes with a two-year warranty. That means the developing company will provide you with an exchange in case of any damage or malfunction. Here, at Scout + Sage we will be happy to help facilitate that process!

The company is EMC certified, and all the equipment is tested before dispatching it to you. All these things make this lamp an excellent choice, So, don't wait and get this product quickly to enhance the overall aesthetic of your space.

Check out the Natural Rattan Lamp here and get yours today!